avataa app is an AR/VR survey tool for collecting network information, automating the routine in a game-like environment
virtualize and innovate
avataa app connects your field team with the headquarters for remote task management, and skilled professional supervision
avataa app sends field data to the cloud where relevant automated workflows are triggered and executed in the avataa platform
Create and manage digital twins of assets, teams, products, and customers
Digital twins: Always.
Adjust your digital twin’s behavior to accommodate your business needs
Leave project audit trails for everything you do with digital twins
avataa digitally twins - capture, recreate, and automatically document workflows throughout the company
twin to automate
avataa allows to quickly implement the right changes in your business through what-if scenarios and scoring models
avataa delegates repetitive tasks to the machine, leaving only important decisions and complex tasks to professionals
avataa delegates routine to the machine, transforming projects into automatically run tasks.
delegate and outsource
avataa allows to safely and securely outsource jobs that the machine can not yet do by automatically auditing outsourcing performance and deadlines
avataa automates product and service development, audits and supervision, and analytics and reporting.
cross-functional, multi-regional, and inter-company tasks connect through avataa automation for worldwide scalability
What is avataa?
avataa is a cloud SaaS app for network digitalization, monetization, and automation.
avataa groups and filters projects by types, stages, priorities, and deadlines to avoid bottlenecks and project delays
accelerate and scale
avataa digitally twins existing assets, workflows and projects through task automation and robotic process automation (RPA)
avataa is sustainable development using data science and machine learning for acceleration and automatic execution
avataa automates expert supervision and history trails for automated and manual tasks, enabling scalability and sustainability.
avataa: Digital Twins for sustainable networks
Manage assets through Digital Twins, AR/VR, and Google analytics
See all tasks and changes deployed by every team member
Superwise and analyze progress and status automatically
Remove the Excel middleman and eliminate error-prone repetitive manual labor
Minimize manual user entries and leverage existing data of the network, any system or app
Maximize value from your assets through data monetization.